First Serious post since the move

ok so since i moved to Atlanta I’ve basically been on such a crazy schedule with my new job and trying to get familiar with my new city that I haven’t gotten a chance to actually sit and asses what has been happening around me. I’ve gotten to know ALOT of new people lol, I’ve basically found all my essential outlets in which to make myself comfortable. I found my Smoke Shop thats open late (which for some reason is uncommon down here) found my taco spot, bar, and sports bar all in one {Big Up Taco Mac} i found my video store filled with old classics and anime {shoutout Videodrone}, and i been chillin. We been to some of the sickest clubs and been Woo Wooing myself pretty good and tryna stay outta trouble… but trouble always seems to find me lol. theres a few issues going on in NY that i have no control over/can do nothing about, so all i can do to that is smh, guess i’ll get to those later but 1 thing has got me buggin the past week. (big surprise, all cuz of a girl smh). My second trip to the A i met this girl, friendly, not an airhead, good conversationist, intelligent, cute (<eeww i said cute) but yea you get the point. So my plan with the move was to be good. i decided “ok we’re gonna start right in this city, no more fucking around, and causing yourself problems’ but in the past week i been kinda buggin because i think i like this girl like and im tryin not to get caught up and keep my head straight because i already know where that road leads for me. But get this as soon as im starting to get all feely she dissappears right before her birthday. Shes going through some personal stuff so i just usually let people deal with thier own issues but i’m starting to think maybe i should try and help out. People always tell me i shut people out and dont allow myself to feel anything for anybody because previous experiences has taught me to be very protective so i dont know if i should start to open up or just stay the same, focus on my cash flow because i think she’s gone for good anyway and it kinda sucks. but yea I’m confused now lol