ok it has been a minute since ive posted on here for real (theres alot of typos, im high and lazy)

This new ATL lif has been a movie, and thats not just tryna sound cool. Its been a true learnig experience and the things that have happened to me shall be told in stories for ever lol. Besides the debilitating lack of finances, the longest worked hours of my life, lack of finances, daily exhaustion, newly aquired, stress induced, ulcer and acid reflux, lack of finances,and trying to keep ppl from killing each other, it has been one of the craziest adventures of my life. i’ve gotten to know my older brother better than i have ever known him through simply living with the guy. He’s always been my brother but he we are now brothers. i’ve seen one of the dopest restaurants built from the inside out, through all the kinks and living through all of the worst case scenarios a business can go through. ive met some of the Realest, coolest ppl ever. i’ve lived a life i never lived before and ive been through the craziest situations and best with ppl im gonna remember forever. ive learned alot about myself too. its been a Life lol im definitely writing a book. but if find myself once again returning to tumblr to vent when my Brain gets overloaded with everything. im stuck in too mony crazy situations than my schedule will allow me time to figure out. Commence PANIC MODE

its been a while tumblr but wait, Can a nigga speak??( thoughts while high)

so i saw a comment on Youtube that caught my atention the person said

"Believe me they were doing just find before the European step in Africa, every  native land they walk on there will be murder, hunger, theft, rape, ect read your about your own history  for example, the native Indian have been totally  wipe off face of the earth do to European, animalistic ways"

im like, ok homie, you had a thing going with the european “conquering spirit”flow but then you completely contradicted yourself by calling it animalistic. Aren’t we all animals by definition? Aren’t we the same species Does a doberman think differently than a mutt? so since we are of the same species couldnt you argue that this is our general natural instinc that we are just acting on? therefore we cannot call it wrong if we all do it, its simply the nature of mankind, as is the natural instinct of most species on this planet?